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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mequoda Daily: Early Bird Pricing for Search Engine Optimization 2011 Ends...

July 8, 2011

Early Bird Pricing for Search Engine Optimization 2011 Ends...

Early bird pricing ends on Tuesday, July 12th so register now and save

Register for Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar now

SEO has become a fundamental skill in the digital landscape. If online editors, writers and content marketers aren't knowledgeable on the best practices for SEO, they will then not be successful in building website traffic and generating revenue.

The four modules taught at our upcoming Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar will provide context for the digital publishing environment while sharing techniques proven to build traffic, conversions and core audiences for B2B and B2C publishers.

This is the first time this intensive one-day seminar is being offered to the public. In the past, it was only available as private consultation that costs thousands of dollars. Now, for a limited time only, you have the chance to register and attend our Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar at a discounted early-bird rate.

Four modules of Search Engine Optimization 2011

The four modules will give you an up-to-date background on the online publishing industry and bring you through the entire process for search engine optimization.

Content Marketing Made Simple: This 90-minute module includes a defined look at the content marketing strategy many online publishers are using today. This information will provide the foundation for the three other modules.

Keyword Strategy: If you do not know how to conduct, record and monitor keyword research, this 90-minute module will teach you all the necessary components to building a keyword universe and participate in Google visibility reporting.

Key components of this module include:

-Understanding and compiling primary keywords

-Researching, validating and quantifying keyword competition and popularity

-How to update your keyword clusters

-The process for building and updating a Google Visibility Report

-How to monitor visibility with Advanced Web Ranking

SEO Basics: Blockbuster SEO articles can bring in hundreds or thousands of unique visitors each month. During this 90-minute module you will discover how to create blockbuster SEO articles and the process of optimizing all aspects of web content.

A case study on one of our many blockbuster posts will be used to show you first-hand how we are able to purposely create blockbuster SEO articles.

SEO Marketing: SEO campaigns are the backbone of building new audiences as they target keyword clusters, offer free downloadable products. In this 90-minute module you will discover how to implement, execute and track SEO campaigns.

During this module you will hear about Interweave's success executing this model, as they have used SEO campaigns to double the net size of their email marketing list.

The value behind SEO

Do you understand all the components of your articles that need to be optimized for search?

Are you generating hundreds or thousands of unique visitors each month from blockbuster SEO posts?

Does your SEO activity help generate a significant amount of revenue?

If not, you need to join us in New York City on July 19th for our Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar so you can begin utilizing the power of SEO to build your target audience and sell more products.

If you are a writer, online editor or content marketer, these skills are crucial to the success in your evolving role.

Register now for the Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar and save. Your opportunity to receive a discounted price is almost gone as early bird pricing ends on Tuesday, July 12th.




Discover four training modules that will help you drive more website traffic and generate more revenue...

When: July 19th, 2011

Where: McGraw Hill Conference Center - New York City, NY

View our Brochure for the Mequoda SEO Seminar


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