Friday, July 15, 2011

Mequoda Summit: Early Bird Pricing Expires in Just Two Weeks

July 15, 2011

Mequoda Summit & Internet Marketing Conference East - September 13-16, 2011

How to Start and Run a Successful Content Marketing Business

The Mequoda Summit & Internet Marketing Conference East is back with a new format, new speakers and new case studies to supercharge your online business building efforts...

Dear Publishing Professional,

If you've attended one of our semi-annual Mequoda Summits, congratulations on placing yourself squarely in the elite top one percent of online content marketers.

And if you haven't - the upcoming Mequoda Summit East 2011 in Waltham, Massachusetts means your opportunity to adopt the industry's best practices is right around the corner!

Your timing couldn't be better, because we've revamped September's program with the best-of-the-best methods and advanced techniques, paired with actual case studies of today's most successful practitioners of online content marketing.

Greater Boston is known as a world-class center of higher education. Invest three-and-a-half intense but pleasant days with us on a serene campus just 15 miles from downtown Boston and you'll walk away with a wealth of proven online marketing techniques you can use to grow your audience, your response and your revenues virtually immediately.

When I give you the highlights in a moment, you'll see why extraordinarily successful and highly respected content providers like Farm Progress, Rodale, Meredith, Interweave, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, and many more have aligned themselves as Mequoda Gold Member Organizations.

Accept my invitation today to join us for the Mequoda Summit East 2011 in September and here's just the beginning of all you can expect from Don Nicholas and our 'A-List' team of invited speakers and presenters:

  • Our Managing Digital Transformation keynote features Bryan Welch of Mother Earth News, sharing strategies for legacy publishers to excel in the Digital Age.
  • The Mequoda System Strategy Workshop: Learn how to start and run a highly successful special-interest media website in an easily understandable step-by-step process.
  • SEO Workshop: Discover how to perform sophisticated keyword research that will leave you with an "unfair" advantage over the competition.
  • Social Media Workshop: Gain tips and techniques Mequoda's most successful associates are using to attract more website traffic with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Digital Native Roundtable: Meet eight 20-something professionals and gain useful insight how 'digital natives' are different from those over the age of 30.
  • Decoding Google: Stay current with algorithm changes that affect the way audience members find your content on the 800-lb gorilla in the room - Google.
  • Idea Blast: Find new concepts online publishers are experimenting with to bring more innovation to their media brand. Guaranteed to stimulate your creative juices!
  • Creating Little Blockbusters: Experience how savvy online publishers are creating digital products that become an additional source of significant revenue. Our moderator is Ed Coburn, publishing director at Harvard Health Publications.
  • Taking Legacy Magazine Brands Online: Acquire the knowledge used by online publishers to create well-designed magazine websites.

And that is just the beginning of our supercharged agenda! The Mequoda Summit East 2011 is simply the most comprehensive course for building skills necessary for the digital future. Register now to receive the lowest price possible. Early bird pricing expires in just 2 weeks!

I look forward to seeing you in September.


Kim Mateus, Chief Content Officer, Mequoda Group

P.S. It may be the oldest advice in business, and it still rings true: don't re-invent the wheel! The Internet is the 'wheel' of 21st century commerce - moving business forward in dramatic ways never before imagined. Those who use this tool most efficiently have surged to the head of the pack as today's most successful online content marketers. The Mequoda Summit East 2011 is the place to learn the best practices of these leaders of the field. These are practices you can adopt the same day you leave the summit for instant results and ongoing success! Register today and join us for an event that promises to be stimulating, educational, fun - and most of all profitable for you and your organization.





Discover the most comprehensive course for building skills necessary in the digital future...

When: September 13-16, 2011

Where: Conference Center at Waltham Woods - Waltham, MA

View our Brochure for the Mequoda Summit East 2011


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