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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mequoda Daily: Web Video 101 for Publishers

August 2, 2011

Launching and refining a web video strategy...

Web Video 101 for Publishers - Producing, Publishing and Marketing Your Online Videos

Publishing case studies and expert advice for developing a web video strategy that boosts website traffic, increases conversions and doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg

Dear Colleague,

Have you ever tried to cook risotto? The concept is simple. Rice, a few flavoring ingredients, and then small doses of water and chicken stock incrementally over the course of twenty minutes while you stir incessantly. Like I said, it's simple but with twenty minutes worth of confusion while you wonder if you've just added too much liquid or too little.

When learning how to cook a recipe, we often start with text, however some recipes don't allow us the visual aid necessary to assure us that everything is looking right while we're working towards completion. Twenty minutes of stirring rice is an easy twenty minutes to wonder how much time you're wasting.

There are 3,600 people out there searching for "how to cook risotto" every single month, and how many of them do you think would prefer to watch a video before they read a recipe? According to the hits we saw on YouTube, there are almost a million people who have watched some type of video on how to cook risotto.

That's no surprise, considering that there are over 70 million people in the United States who own smartphones and can easily access video anywhere, anytime.

It's even less of a surprise considering that the second largest search engine is YouTube, which happens to be owned by the first largest search engine, Google.

On August 23rd at 12:30pm EDT, Patrick Hughes, New Media Producer at the Mequoda Group will be leading a brand new webinar called Web Video 101 for Publishers - Producing, Publishing and Marketing Your Online Videos.

Patrick recently taught this publishing-centric 90-minute program at Mequoda Summit West and got rave reviews. Patrick's rare combination of video production and marketing skills makes this presentation a must-attend for any publisher who is thinking about producing videos for their website, or would like a boost in direction and strategy.

Web Video 101 for Publishers begins witha brief introduction to web video, including different ways that publishers have been successful (and unsuccessful) with different strategies they've tried to implement on their websites and on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, Patrick offers an in-depth tutorial during this program that not only goes over all the different moving parts, but also how you can use each of them most effectively.

As publishers who aren't in the video industry, we may not necessarily have our fingers on the pulse of current tools, online resources or new strategies that make our working lives easier. Well, unless you're VideoMaker Magazine. When this webinar is over, you'll feel like an industry professional, armed with all of the resources you'll need to launch and run an effective online video strategy.

And Patrick won't skip on the most important part either - the gear. As a gear head, Patrick loves to talk about equipment. So before this webinar wraps up, he'll spend time talking about different camera and lighting kits for any in-house studio budget, even the smallest ones. Only have an obsolete Flip cam or an iPhone? No problem, because Patrick has a handful of accessories and techniques that can even make shooting on a low-budget video camera look good. In fact, find out why he sometimes recommends it!

Register now for Web Video 101 for Publishers and get started on a web video strategy that fits your budget and content.

Here are a few things you'll learn Web Video 101 for Publishers on August 23rd:

  • What types of web videos work for publishing companies - Patrick will discuss what types of videos get the most views and what types of videos to avoid. He'll also talk about how you can leverage blog posts to help you create web video content.
  • How to create videos that people want to watch - You'll learn tips for being on camera as well as how to conduct a successful video interview. You will also learn how to direct people on camera. Patrick will even discuss the three steps that you should perform in each of your web videos.
  • What video SEO strategies actually work -Discover how to SEO your YouTube videos, additionally including tools you can use to get your videos indexed by Google. Patrick will also share what video optimization strategies work now and ones that are currently developing for the future.
  • Why you should be using YouTube Annotations & Insights - Patrick will show you how to get detailed analytics from your YouTube videos and then use that data to increase video views, brand awareness and web traffic.
  • Which equipment to buy for any size budget - Just starting out in web video? Not sure what type of equipment to buy? Patrick will show you his top picks on which cameras to buy. He'll also go over which accessories to buy including lighting and audio equipment and some special add-ons for your lower-budget cameras that only industry insiders know about.
  • How to get the best possible video image from an iPhone - Discover how to quickly get that video off your computer and on to the web. Patrick will also share which camera accessories to purchase for your iPhone to increase video quality, sound and overall product.

Whether you're looking to build an in-house studio for daily videos, trying to find a private video hosting platform, looking to get more YouTube visitors, or simply trying to come up with ideas for quick videos to post on your Facebook wall-this webinar covers it all and more. With the flexibility of our Q&A allowance at the end, you can also speak directly to Patrick himself for any additional questions specific to your business.

If you'd like to attend this live 90-minute webinar, please register right now.


Kim Mateus

Chief Content Officer

Mequoda Group

PS: Already a Mequoda PRO member? If so, you do not need to register for this webinar through our website. Instead, you should receive an email invitation from me, Kim Mateus ( one week prior to the webinar. If you do not receive this email, please call (866) 713-1005 or email


Register now:

Live participation in the Web Video 101 for Publishers Webinar on August 23rd, 2011 at 12:30pm EST

Send me a recording of Web Video 101 for Publishers on CD-ROM.

Unlimited live and on-demand access to the Mequoda Webinars of 2011, and our entire catalogue of webinars, including our Web Video 101 for Publishers Webinar on August 23rd, 2011 at 12:30pm EST.


Patrick Hughes

New Media Producer

Mequoda Group



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Kim Mateus


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